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EVETT is an intimate restaurant opening this December in the heart of Seoul. Since 2017, chef Joseph Lidgerwood and the team have been involved in a number of projects in Korea learning and embracing local food and culture, and finally we are launching the restaurant EVETT as an outcome of this.

Restaurant EVETT focuses on showcasing the best ingredients selected across from Korea in an attempt to shine a different light on this already rich and well established cuisine.

Before we open our doors, we want to showcase what we do to a smaller intimate crowd which will allow guests an early insight of our restaurant.

We will be holding a series of pop ups during November at La Cuisine space in Hannam area.

Guests will be welcomed to an 8 course menu with Korean ingredients using the inspiration from around the world as well as an option of paired alcohols.

Price per guest is 120,000KRW and 50,000KRW for the optional pairing